O que é agora isso?!

This was not supposed to be last post of my blog for this year but as a lot of things that are not supposed to happen and somehow they just happen i think this could be one of those things. It's unbelieveable how our feelings can change themselves and everyone all of a sudden, like a 180 degrees flip and the worst of it all is not knowing where we tripped what caused this flip. It's like your heart has been twisted around and transformed itself in a big mouth with sharp teeth ready to crush any feelings that go down through the senses. So i'm trying to save some of the feelings in this words instead of letting them get crushed into a million pieces because those are not the fragments that i want to see scattered around here.

Well, i thinks that's all for this year and i hope i can come back with a better post than this one in 2008!


  1. Sometimes we need to crush some feelings, and some of ours need to be crushed too!
    It's a clichet, but it's the best way to learn something: by going trough it.
    Who hasn't suffered? who has never made anyone sad?
    I've said some bad things to people. But if I regret anything at all in my life, it is the lack of words. The times that I have kept bad words for myself. We need to speak our mind... or it will crash alone, and the truth will die silent...

  2. o que eu estava procurando, obrigado

  3. Eu realmente gostei do seu site. Excelente conteúdo. Por favor, continuem postando cotent tão profunda.


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