Your (our) World

E porque hoje é 5 de Junho, ficam aqui algumas palavras de Edna Yaghi que podiam ser ditas a alguém, mas hoje estão aqui porque podiam ser ditas em voz alta no meio do nada para alcançar tudo à sua volta.

I soak up the stark beauty of your world
Through my foreign eyes
And absorb whatsoever you offer
Having learned to be thankful
For the bounty of your coffers
However great or small.

I am an eager student of your realm
Chronically curious every wandering, wondering,
Observing your thoughts, culture
And reactions with reiteration of my preoccupation.

I have slowly evolved into a mirror of your moods,
Your laughter causes me to smile,
Your tears well rivers of my own
Which overflow the banks
Of my perspective, giving me introspective
Into your psyche.

I have trod your oft-trodden paths
I have swum to the fire of your distant shores
I have sailed the clear blue of your skies
And have painstakingly etched my lifeline
Through your own.

Now, weather worn, sand torn,
I plod through the rifts of your drifting
Shifting valleys, barefoot,
Embracing my rod for comfort
Ever searching for your green pastures.

Through the still waters of my resilient fascination
Where the shadows of death
Impatiently, rather than serenely haunt my imagination.

Edna Yaghi


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